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Admission Procedures


Admission into SCGS can be gained through:

  1. The Secondary One Posting Exercise
  2. The Direct School Admission (DSA) Exercise or
  3. Admission Tests

1. Admission through the Secondary One Posting Exercise

For 2023 admission, eligible students who have sat for the PSLE in 2022 will receive a Secondary 1 Option Form during the collection of PSLE Results. Our school codes are:

Integrated Programme: 9132

O-Level Programme: 7014

Details of the Option Exercise can also be found at the following link.

For SCGS Primary Six Students – Affiliation

Affiliation benefit for admission into SCGS is valid for the O-Level Programme only.

The eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • Attained a minimum PSLE AL of 17 and
  • Apply for SCGS O-Level Programme as your first choice

Successful admission into affiliated SCGS (O-Level Programme) is further subject to the demand on the vacancies by our SCGS Primary students.

Students who opt for SCGS (Integrated Programme) as their first choice must select SCGS (O-Level Programme) as their second choice, if they still wish to enjoy priority for admission to affiliated SCGS (O-Level Programme).

Unsuccessful Applicants

Students who are unsuccessful in the posting exercise may appeal for entry into SCGS only if their PSLE scores meet the cut-off AL in the Posting Exercise.

If you would like to appeal to join SCGS, please fill in this online form

2. Admission through the DSA Exercise

This exercise is conducted from May – August in the preceding year of Admission. Interested students apply through skills and talents specified by the school.

Information on the DSA Exercise 2023 will be published in April/May 2023.

3. Admission Tests

These are usually conducted in November of the year prior to admission for entry in January. Special arrangements may be made for Returning Singaporeans on a case by case basis.


We wish to announce the start of Applications for Admission Tests 2022 for admission into SCGS in 2023.

Closing Date: Friday 14 October 2022, 5.00pm
Date of Test: 2 November 2022
Time of Test: 8:30am – 3:00pm

This admission exercise is only open to the following levels and Programmes:

  • 2023 Secondary 1 (O-Level Programme or Integrated Programme)* (*Only Returning Singaporeans who did not take the PSLE are eligible for admission into Secondary 1 through these tests.)
  • 2023 Secondary 2 (O-Level Programme)
  • 2023 Secondary 3 (O-Level Programme or Integrated Programme)

The school does not accept new students for entry to Secondary 4.

Students applying for admission will be assess on their English, Mathematics and Science. Do note that Physics, Chemistry and Biology will be tested for Science.

Students seeking admission into SCGS need to complete and submit APPLICATION FOR ENTRY FOR SECONDARY SCHOOL form which can be downloaded from this site. (Click here to download)

Important Note:

Students admitted to schools through the DSA-Sec Exercise and International Students admitted to local schools through AEIS are not eligible for entry through this Admission Test.

Students who are interested in seeking admission are to send their completed forms and supporting documents to the school by Friday 14 October 2022, 5.00pm.

The date for the Admission Tests is on 2 November 2022.

Details regarding the admission test and test fees will be advised through a separate email.

Secondary 1

Students will be required to sit admission tests conducted by the school for English Language, Mathematics and Science. Places will be awarded based on merit and subject to the number of vacancies.

Students who wish to take Higher Mother Tongue will need to sit for an assessment of ability after their admission into the school.

Secondary 2 & 3

We admit students into our O-Level Programme through admission tests at Secondary 2 and Secondary 3 levels. Places will be awarded based on merit and subject to the number of vacancies.

Students with good track record and are able to meet the demands of the Integrated Programme are strongly encouraged to apply for admission into the SCGS Secondary 3 Integrated Programme track.  There is no admission point for Integrated Programme at Secondary 2.

Important Information for:

Returning Singaporeans and Singapore PRs

Please refer to the following website for details :

International Students

Please refer to the following website for details :

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