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Resources for Parents

To support you in keeping your child safe online, you may refer to these additional resources and kits: 

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Parent Handbook (I) and (II) on Learning with a Personal Learning Device (PLD)

For more digital parenting tips to help your child navigate the digital environment, please download and refer to the following handbooks.

Parent Handbook (I)

Parent Handbook (II)

Student Device Information Kit

This information kit contains useful information meant for parents/students pertaining to their PDLP devices procured from the PDLP device bulk tender

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Infographic on the Personal Learning Devices (PLD) initiative and the DMA Options

This inforgraphic provides an overview of the PLD Initiative and a breakdown of the After-School DMA Parent Options.

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What Do Parents Think About Personal Learning Devices (PLDs)? 

The video features five parents whose children are enrolled in schools that utilise PLDs. The parents share their personal experiences on how their child is learning differently with PLDs.

Part 1

Part 2

Parent Kit on Cyber Wellness for Your Child

In this MOE Parent Kit, tips are provided to guide our children to use devices responsibly, and how parents can care for your child’s cyber wellness and digital literacy at home.

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MOE Cyber Wellness Programme

This website shares more about MOE’s Cyber Wellness Programmes and Curriculum.

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SchoolBag – Keeping our teens safe online

From a senior specialist in MOE Guidance Branch, this article offers dos and don’ts for handling screen-related conversations with your teen.

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Media Literacy Council

Provides a list of resources, parents guides covering areas, including those related to cyber-bullying, digital footprints, fake news, inappropriate content, privacy and screen time.

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National Library’s Learning & Information Literacy Resources

The S.U.R.E. (Source, Understand, Research, Evaluate) Campaign is an information literacy awareness campaign initiated by the National Library Board (NLB) of Singapore. It promotes the importance of information searching and discernment. Learn more here!

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TOUCH Community Services

This site offers tips on how to keep your family safe online in areas like gaming, social media and cyber bullying.

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Updated as of 23 March 2022

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