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The SCGS education philosophy stems from our strong belief in providing a holistic and balanced education founded on a bedrock of timeless values and rich heritage. We are committed to nurturing every student to grow her interests and aptitude, to achieve her personal best.

The school values of Sincerity, Courage, Generosity and Service anchor our vision and mission. They have given us a treasured heritage of more than 120 years and nurtured many outstanding women of character and relevance who are trailblazers in their respective fields.

SCGS develops in students 21st Century competencies to be ready to thrive in a rapidly changing world. We emphasise the development of students to become

  • Sincere Collaborators
  • Courageous Change Makers
  • Generous Contributors
  • Servant Leaders

This is done through the four pillars of our SCGS curriculum:  Talent Development, Character and Leadership Development, Global and National Education, and Living and Lifeskills Education.

Talent Development

Guided by Renzulli’s Schoolwide Enrichment Model, our students experience a wide range of learning experiences, discover their interests, hone their talents, and are challenged and inspired to achieve their fullest potential.  They embark on individual interest-driven learning pathways for self-empowerment.

Whether their talent lies in academic disciplines, the arts, sports, technology, or some other skill area, our students will access enriching learning experiences to develop their talent further, so that they can acquire the skills and dispositions of professionals in their chosen area through engagement in authentic tasks.

Character and Leadership Development

Character development is pervasive throughout the school’s academic and non-academic programmes, encouraging whole school participation and engagement that develops in students strong moral fibre, sound values, and a sense of responsibility for themselves and others. Students are not only inspired to develop character excellence and apply themselves to service; they are also determined to impact those around them to make a difference in their own spheres of influence.

Every student is nurtured to be a quality world-ready Jinyu leader through our inclusive and differentiated approach that spirals the development of intra, inter-personal and leadership skills and attitudes in our holistic 10-year education.

The Character and Leadership Development pillar is organised along three tracks:

  • General Schoolwide Programme, where the emphasis is on character education and entry-level leadership development through multiple platforms
  • Emerging Leaders Track, where the emphasis is on providing further leadership opportunities and training
  • Accelerated Leaders Track, where students with exceptional leadership competency go through mentorship and challenging assignments to hone their leadership skills to impact the school community and beyond.

Global and National Education

To ensure that our kim geks are ready to succeed in an increasingly globalised world and yet remain rooted to their nation, Global and National Education is infused in various programmes of the school.

We help our students appreciate the heritage of and diversity among cultures and societies, and critically analyse different perspectives, so that they may work well with people across cultural contexts.

Students have many opportunities to learn about current local and global issues, to understand the complexities of the world they live in, and consider the part they can play. We also guide our students to understand the principles of citizenship and develop a sense of belonging to Singapore, and thus inspiring them to generously give back to the community and contribute to the success of Singapore.

Living and Lifeskills Education

This pillar of the SCGS experience seeks to cultivate the distinctive Kim Gek through the Arts and Healthy Living. It nurtures in every SCGS girl skills which will enable her to lead a balanced life, playing a vital role for personal and professional success. It develops in students strong social and cultural intelligence and soft-skills such as social graces, communication and propriety.

The Arts is an integral part of an SCGS student’s education. Students are regularly exposed to the performing stage throughout their years in SCGS, confidently and articulately showcasing the skills they have learnt, be it in Dance, Music, Art or Drama.

The Healthy Living segment includes Physical Education and Home Economics lessons to promote a lifetime commitment to healthy and active living.

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