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Cyber Security and Cyber Wellness

The school will ensure a safe learning experience for the students when they use the devices. We will also guide students on the correct habit of usage and restrict the access to certain sites. Some measures that we will put in place include the following two key areas of Device Management Application and Cyber Wellness Education.

Device Management Application

The Device Management Application (DMA) is a software which allows schools to manage students’ usage of tablets or laptops used for learning. The Device Management Application (DMA) software will be installed  on all students’ devices to provide a safe learning experience for your child, and to prevent misuse of the device.

  • Installation of the DMA will be performed after the collection of the device. Students will be guided on the installation
  • This applies to both devices purchased through the school and pre-existing student-owned devices

The DMA has a variety of functions that will support the use of the PLD in the classroom, as well as safeguard students’ cyber wellness. The DMA can:

  • Remotely deploy teaching and learning applications as well as security patches
  • Enable teachers to monitor and control the students’ screens
  • Restrict apps and websites accessible
  • Manage screen time

Notwithstanding the benefits of the security software, there are some parents who have asked for some flexibilities in the implementation, including to disable the software after school hours. MOE’s objectives are focused on the school environment, and on ensuring good teaching and learning outcomes in school. Hence, we will exercise flexibility, and give parents and students greater say on how they wish to use the software after school hours. This will include options to customise their own settings at home, or to turn off the software if they so prefer. MOE will provide more details on these arrangements as we progressively roll out the PLDs across all secondary schools.

DMA Parent Portal

The DMA Parent Portal allows parents to regulate their child’s device after school hours. Please refer to the DMA Parent Guides below, for details on how to set up your account and use the Parent Portal.



DMA Guides

Default Option

Click Here

Option A

Click Here

Option B

Click Here

Cyber Wellness Education 

In SCGS, we believe in the holistic development of a child. We nurture students of character and relevance through the provision of opportunities to inculcate values, skills and competencies in our students.

The Cyber Wellness lessons in CCE focus on the positive physical and psychological well-being of students as they navigate the cyber world. It involves the understanding of the norms of responsible behaviour regarding technology use as well as knowledge, skills, values and attitudes on how to protect oneself and other users in the cyber world. 

Updated as of 23 April 2021

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