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World Readiness Programme

World Ready for a Changing World

Our World Readiness Programme is an integral part of the JIP curriculum. Students are equipped to understand Singapore’s role in the international arena and are exposed to Asian and Western perspectives, against a dynamic political, social, cultural and religious backdrop.

The programme develops active citizenry through core modules like Political Studies, Current Affairs, Eco-literacy and Philosophy.  Through these, students will come to appreciate the importance of good governance, sound and critical thinking in decision making and adopt a balanced perspective on issues through the Eastern and Western lens.

We collaborate with local organisations such as the United Nations Association of Singapore, National Heritage Board and overseas organizations such as the Dolphin Discovery Centre in Bunbury (Australia).

The students also have the opportunity to attend Joint Symposiums with partner schools and the World Readiness Conversation Series where they can gain insights from experts of various fields to keep abreast with developments in current trends and concerns.

Our World Readiness Programme nurtures adaptable and innovative leaders who seize new opportunities while guided by a strong sense of global consciousness and ethics. This places our principled leaders of tomorrow at the forefront of exploring new ideas, adapting to change and seizing new opportunities across diverse communities in a rapidly changing world.

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