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Applied Learning Programme (ALP)

Stories are powerful communication tools able to create meaning and connect people, often embodying a way of life or heritage.  As such, our Applied Learning Programme (ALP) – Stories Opening Windows to the World is designed to leverage stories to open up ‘windows’ for our students to connect with people, be exposed to the richness of culture and learning of the languages, and to possibly apply what they have learnt to effect change to make our community a better place to live in.  Like sowing a seed, the ALP aims to ignite the passion in our students to create, appreciate and serve the community around them, by providing opportunities for them to explore, innovate, problem-solve and engage with the world through stories.

Using stories as the central theme and tapping both English Language (EL) and the Mother Tongue Languages (MTL) for each child as the language mediums, the ALP is a progressive learning experience for students carried out through three stages, i.e.

  • Experiencing storytelling in Primary 1-3 to learn values and appreciate culture;
  • Deepening storytelling experiences to understand and create oral history in Primary 4; and eventually;
  • Leveraging stories to solve authentic problems and effect change at Primary 5.

Through telling stories in various creative forms, we aim for students to develop their communication, collaboration and information skills (21st Century Competencies) and learn to be more confident as they engage with their audience.  This is in line with our SCGS desired outcomes of education (DoE) for our students to be Sincere Collaborators who communicate confidently and work well with people across cultural contexts. In Stage (ii), the focus shifts to using stories of the nation and oral history to appreciate one’s heritage.  At the third and most mature stage of the programme, we hope to provide students with the opportunity to apply what they have learnt and leverage stories strategically to solve a real-world problem or serve the community. This is in line with our desired outcomes for our students to be Courageous Change Makers, Generous Contributors and Servant Leaders.

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