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Learning science and talent development in science is an integrated process in SCGS, encompassing a myriad of activities within and outside of school, building on and complementing one another. These activities include regular classroom lessons imparting foundational knowledge and skills, assembly talks providing exposure to new ideas and perspectives, enrichment workshops building specific expertise, competitions allowing for benchmarking with like-minded peers, as well as science research and attachment at scientific institutions proffering opportunities for authentic experiences and mentorships.


Students learn science best by doing science. The science curriculum for both the O-level and Integrated Programme are developed around laboratory experiences, where students work on guided and open discovery investigations. Whether in the classroom or the science laboratory, students get many opportunities to work in collaborative groups, designing methods, collecting data and analysing them to simulate how scientists work. They also learn to critique one another’s work and communicate with their peers to sharpen one another’s thinking. Through these sessions, students develop their science inquiry and process skills. They also develop creative and critical thinking skills as they problem-solve through the difficulties.

In line with the SCGS Talent Programme, SCGS students with a passion for science embark on various scientific research projects mentored by experts from some tertiary institutions and research institutes such as the National University of Singapore, the Nanyang Technological University, and various A*STAR Institutes. Some students are also attached for 1-week periods to scientists working in research institutes to experience first-hand how scientists work.



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