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Physical Education & CCA


SCGS seeks to equip our students with skills and motivation to lead a well-balanced life in school and beyond. Through the Living and Lifeskill programme (LLP), PE curriculum and our Co-Curricular Activites, we strive to develop social and emotional skills which includes qualities such as teamwork, grit and perseverance.


With a broad-based curriculum that caters to students’ different abilities and interests, we advocate a holistic and inter-disciplinary approach to learning with emphasis on experiential and student-centred learning. This is achieved through a school-based syllabus which focuses on physical and mental development through physical activities, games and sports as well as enrichment programme that exposes students to a plethora of physical activities and events to enjoy active and healthy lifestyles for life.

Values education, social and character development have always been woven and reinforced in PE in SCGS. Inter-class games and friendly competitions are opportunities to en-culture students with positive sportsmanship and spectatorship, sense of creativity and fun and being inclusive in diversity which are all important 21CC life skills. Furthermore, PE is a rich ground for students to strengthen bonds, build lasting friendships and create fond memories of school life.

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