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Mother Tongue Languages


At SCGS, we believe in helping every girl understand her historical and cultural identity. We want to help girls find their roots and master their Mother Tongue Language. In this age where the Mother Tongue Languages are those of the emerging economies, we aim to equip girls with skills in speaking and writing competently and confidently, and thus put them in good stead for future job opportunities and business collaboration.


We offer Chinese, Malay and Tamil at both the Mother Tongue level and the Higher Mother Tongue level, to cater to students of different levels of proficiency in the respective language.

We believe in teaching Mother Tongue in an all-rounded and engaging manner. Our teachers use a variety of resources, such as novels, poetry, drama, music and news media in their teaching of the language. Reading, listening, writing and oratorical skills are developed through a multitude of activities, such as classroom discussions and debates on current affairs or selected literature and school-wide events which stimulate the girls’ interests in their Mother Tongue.

Beyond the confines of the classroom, students experience the richness and understand the nuances of their Mother Tongue through visits to educational institutions, museums and the theatre, as well as their participation in various enrichment programmes such as Mother Tongue Fortnight Programme and Docents Programme. Through the Mother Tongue Programme, we want to promote students’ cultural literacy and skillfulness in language, and hence prepare them for the world stage.

The Bicultural Studies Programme is offered to Secondary 3 and 4 students in the Integrated Programme. This programme aims to nurture a core group of students with a deep understanding and appreciation of both cultures, so that they can interact effectively with China as well as relate to the West.  It will stretch the potential of students who are good at both languages and allows them to appreciate both cultures in greater depth. This will broaden the students’ horizons and global perspectives.



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