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Mathematics, the language of nature, is a versatile tool that transcends different aspects of everyday life. Present in the environment around us, and employed in the study of various subjects such as economics, science and engineering, the learning of Mathematics involves an understanding of logical thinking and general problem solving strategies. It involves observing and investigating patterns and relationships in social and physical phenomena.


SCGS values Mathematics as not only an essential academic subject, but also an important vehicle through which the mind can be stretched, and critical and creative reasoning skills honed.  Through the SCGS Mathematics programme, students will develop habits of thinking in this discipline, as well as an appreciation for its beauty and depth.

Our teachers endeavour to introduce mathematical concepts in a creative manner. The programme empowers students with problem-solving skills, and stimulates their interest and passion for the subject through an inquiry approach and applications of Mathematical concepts in real-world contexts. Students will also develop an understanding of the history and logic behind the Mathematical theorems.

Students who demonstrate exceptional mathematical ability and have a strong interest in Mathematics will be given the opportunity to further develop their potential through Mathematics Olympiads, Local or International Mathematics Competitions and Research Projects.

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