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SCGS values the Humanities as a discipline that exposes one to the world and society – the issues explored promote the students’ sensitivities to their environment, and enable them to understand the physical and human environment in the 21st century. Through our Humanities Programme, we aim to inculcate in the students a sense of belonging to the community and country. Our approach to teaching endeavours to provide the students with valuable skills in interpreting the world around them, and to develop in them an appreciation for the local and global human experience.

We want our students to understand and learn from social issues, challenges and constraints facing Singapore and the rest of the world today. Through the study of the Humanities at SCGS, students are well-equipped to make informed judgments that reflect objectivity, adaptability and concern for their physical and human environment.


SCGS students will first gain an introduction to History and Geography at the Lower Secondary Level, and then have the option of pursuing either discipline as Full or Elective subject at the Upper Secondary level, alongside their study of English Literature and Social Studies/ Political Studies.

Our teaching is focused on engaging the students in inquiry through a variety of interactive classroom activities and the creative employment of various media to bring the diverse topics to life. Beyond the core curriculum, we believe in providing the students with a greater understanding of the Humanities through enrichment programmes and overseas field trips.

Students will acquire knowledge of historical events, human and physical Geography, and the economic activities of our nation and the wider world. In addition, they will be challenged to integrate the knowledge and skills taught in the various disciplines through historical and geographical field studies conducted both locally and overseas.

Centre of Excellence for Humanities

SCGS being the Centre of Excellence for Humanities aims to be a centre leading in the sharing of best practices in the teaching and learning of the Humanities. We hope to ignite the passion in the teaching of Humanities through constant engagement with the teachers in sharing sessions and discussions. Through this, we hope to pull together a community of educators who pass on this love for the Humanities to their students and nurture future generations of Humanities students. 

Young Docents Programme

The Young Docents Programme is part of the museum education programme organised by the Humanities Department for Lower Secondary students. The objectives of the programme are to cultivate in students a deeper understanding and an appreciation of Singapore’s and Asian history as well as provide them with the opportunity to hone their public speaking and leadership skills. This programme also aims to extend our students’ learning of the History and Social Studies curriculum beyond the classroom.

The SCGS Young Docents, upon completion of their training, provide customised museum learning journeys for kindergarten, primary and secondary school students to deepen their understanding and appreciation of Singapore’s history. In the tours we have conducted, our Young Docents have received positive feedback and many visitors have expressed their greatest take-away as the knowledge gained through the delivery of our docents. Through this programme, our Young Docents also see the connection between early history of Singapore and Asia and how the evolution of these countries and their cultures have influenced and shaped the development of Singapore.

Humanities and Social Science Research Programme
The HSSRP is jointly organised by the Gifted Education Branch, Ministry of Education and various tertiary institutions. The HSSRP offers Secondary 3 and 4 students in Integrated Programme (IP) schools a valuable opportunity to engage in humanities and social sciences research under the guidance of academic researchers. The key objectives of the HSSRP are to extend and deepen students’ understanding of the individual and society through an examination of human experiences and interactions in the fields of Humanities and Social Sciences and to nurture in students a passion for independent learning. SCGS is proud to be invited to join this programme, allowing our students to further their research interest in the Humanities.

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