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English Language


SCGS believes in using a holistic approach in the teaching of English Language and Literature. English Language competency is essential for communicating in the real world – it provides opportunities for personal development and promotes confidence in social interaction. Literature develops one’s sensitivity to how language can persuade and evoke emotions. Through Literature, girls will learn to appreciate the human condition and in the process, understand life in all its multifaceted dimensions.


We want to develop our students’ proficiency in both critical thinking and literacy. Hence, Language and Literature Studies are compulsory throughout a student’s learning journey in SCGS.

Through the study of a selection of literary texts such as novels, plays and poetry, as well as current affairs, girls are equipped with competencies in creative writing and oralty. In the Lower Secondary, Language and Literature are fused together in the Language Arts Programme, where the expression of ideas is not just through print media but also through film and electronic media. The approach to teaching and learning is multimodal. At the Upper Secondary, English Language and Literature are taught as separate subjects in preparation for the GCE O – Level and the Integrated Programme Examinations. . An SCGS girl will either offer Literature-in-English as a Pure Subject or as an Elective Subject (in combination with Social Studies) for the O – level track.

Our programme aims to develop the student’s abilities in communicating with others, and their appreciation of language, drama and the arts. We believe in the importance of providing opportunities for exposure to literary forms beyond the classroom, such as visits to the theatre, enrichment workshops and overseas excursions. As part of the accelerated curriculum in the SCGS Talent Programme, we offer enhanced language programmes and activities to prepare students for communication with the global community. Programmes such as the Oral Communication course and Flim Appreciation are conducted with the aim of empowering girls to think, write and speak confidently, and hence prepare them for meaningful roles in society.

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