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English Language


At SCGS, we imbue our girls with a deep appreciation of the beauty of the English Language and Literature. English Language competency provides opportunities for personal development and promotes confidence in social interaction. Literature develops one’s sensitivity to how language can persuade and evoke emotions. Through Literature, girls learn to appreciate the human condition and in the process, understand life in all its multifaceted dimensions.


Through the study of a wide selection of literary texts such as novels, plays and poetry, we nurture our girls to cultivate a keen sensitivity to the written word. In the Lower Secondary, our students enjoy the Language Arts Programme – a fusion of Language and Literature. The approach to teaching and learning is multimodal, through both print and non-print media.  At the Upper Secondary, English Language and Literature are taught as separate subjects in preparation for the GCE O-Level and the Integrated Programme Examinations. An SCGS girl will either offer Literature in English as a full subject or as an elective (in combination with Social Studies) for the O-Level track.

Our programmes aim to develop our students’ abilities to communicate effectively with others, and their appreciation of language, drama and the arts. We believe in the importance of providing opportunities for exposure to literary forms beyond the classroom, such as visits to the theatre, enrichment workshops and overseas trips such as the Literature Study Trip to the United Kingdom which exposes our students to literary history and a wide range of theatre experiences.

As part of the accelerated curriculum of the SCGS Talent Programme, we offer enhanced language programmes and activities to prepare students to be future ready through the World Readiness Programme – Current Affairs modules where they learn about pertinent national and world-wide issues and concerns, become aware of solutions that would make a positive difference to the society, be advocates for a cause, and to communicate ideas and solutions with confidence and conviction. We also prepare our students to be confident and well-informed communicators through the Sec 1 Oral Communication Course where they are poised and ready to take on national and international platforms of expression.

Over the course of their time with us, we strive to nurture a flair for writing in our students. Garden Voices is one of the key platforms where our students share their voices with us. Selected participants have produced a plethora of poetry and short stories, dipping into the well of emotions and painting lyrical treaties of innocence, experience and life. This yearly event brings together current and former batches of students with their parents as they share original creative prose, poems and songs all under the stars in our very own Peranakan Garden.

Yearly, we promote Experimentation and Enterprise through an interesting platter of programmes and platforms to showcase our students’ unique talents, some of these include the ICAS Writing Competition, The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition, participation at the National Schools Literature Festival and the National Scenario Writing Competition organised by the Future Problem Solving Singapore which provides students with the opportunity to foster the 21st century skills and develop creative thinking skills necessary to adapt to a changing world and a vision for the future.

As the department aligns itself to our school’s Desired Outcomes of Education, we are reminded of what Albert Einstein said, ‘It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge’. We seek to develop in our students a critical appreciation for the English Language, to be effective communicators and critical thinkers who are also passionate, self-directed learners.

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