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Character and Citizenship Education


In SCGS, we believe in the holistic development of a child. We nurture students of character and relevance through the provision of opportunities that inculcate values, skills and competencies in our students.


Our key programmes include Values In Action, Service Learning Carnival, Education and Career Guidance, Work Experience Programme, National Education, Outdoor Education Week, MOE-OBS Challenge Programme and Sexuality Education. Through their involvement in Values in Action projects and the Service Learning Carnival, students develop knowledge and skills in in communicating with the public and in planning relevant and meaningful activities for the beneficiaries while developing empathy for others.  Our students also learn to understand situations from a wider perspective and play an active role in contributing to the society. A significant component of the school experience, which allows our students to benefit from and apply their learning from a values-driven education, is in their Co-curricular Activities (CCA).

Our Work Experience Programme provides an opportunity for Secondary 3 students to be attached to well-established private/ multinational companies or government statutory boards for a short work experience stint. The objectives of this programme are to instil the right work values in our students as they learn to demonstrate a strong work ethic, and to equip them with some knowledge of their selected industry or area of work.

National Education focuses on the understanding of our roles as citizens of a country and the demonstration of a commitment to the Total Defence of Singapore.  Speakers are invited to share their perspectives on current issues in order to raise our students’ awareness of global issues and the need to make responsible decisions that contribute to Singapore’s wellbeing and security.  One of our key programmes for the Secondary 3 cohort, Leading Youths in Research and Inquiry Into Community Service (LYRICS), aims to deepen our students’ understanding of authentic grassroots issues.

A school programme which our students look forward to every year is the Outdoor Education Week in Term 1. The table below summarises briefly the programme that is organised for each level. It is designed to complement the Character and Citizenship Education level outcomes as well as to work towards a realisation of our school’s Desired Outcomes of Education.

Level Secondary 1 Secondary 2 Secondary 3 Secondary 4
CCE Outcome Confident Kim Gek who demonstrates pride in her identity Concerned Kim Gek who demonstrates empathy towards her community in school Self-directed Kim Gek who demonstrates responsible decision making for the community and beyond Active Kim Gek who serves and contributes to the nation
Programme Melaka Trip Adventure Camp ABBA Sec 3 Service Learning Carnival for Senior Citizens and Leadership Camp Class- initiated Values in Action and Level Bonding Activities

Values in Action Programmes 

Leading Youths in Research & Inquiry Into Community & Society (LYRICS) Programme

Work Experience Programme

Outdoor Education Week 

Secondary 1 Melaka Trip

Secondary 2 Adventure Camp

Secondary 3 MOE-OBS Challenge Programme

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