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In SCGS, we believe that the pursuit of the arts is vital to one’s holistic development. Our programmes are centred on the belief that everyone can express themselves through the arts.  By nurturing essential artistic skills that enable our students to do so, we build a foundation for lifelong appreciation of the arts.


Through our broad-based arts education programme, we aim to develop students’ perception, observation and listening skills, enabling them to communicate creatively with others through visual, musical literacy, and movement. We place an emphasis on giving our students exposure to a wide range of artistic medium types,  styles and forms in a variety of cultural contexts. Through the varied modes, students would have ample opportunities for creativity and innovative self-expression, contributing to the development of their interests and talents.

Lower Secondary Programme

At the lower secondary level, engagement in art and music making including discourses in the curriculum encourages imagination and cultivates in our students the capacity to innovate and improvise as they learn about art and music elements and principles of design. Including in our arts education programme, an exposure to local and cultural works through assembly programmes, visits to the museum or attending various curated concerts, fosters an appreciation of our cultural heritage and national identity. The wide range of arts exposure activities would include both traditional and technological forms, promoting lifelong enjoyment and appreciation of the arts; developing visual and music literacy in our students.

Upper Secondary Programme

Besides our enriched lower secondary Art and Music programmes, students with talents in these areas may also pursue Art or Music at Upper Secondary as an O-Level subject. Students would further have the opportunities to explore a wide range of genres and styles. This includes workshops and masterclasses with industry practitioners and musicians. The knowledge and experiences they gain through music and art practice as part of the O-level Art and Music syllabus, serve to lay the foundation for further pursuit of their interest in art and music.

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