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Learning Beyond Our Borders

Internationalisation Programme

In the future world that our students will live in, the movement of people and ideas across countries and cultures are likely to be increasingly prevalent. The school’s Internationalisation Programme aims to allow our students to experience different cultures and appreciate the cultural diversity around our region. As the Sincere Collaborators we hope they will become, these trips aim to sow the seeds for our students to become confident and sincere when they collaborate across cultural contexts.

The Internationalisation Programme comprises interaction with students in identified schools in different countries. Such planned bicultural interaction aims to broaden our students’ global outlook and develop their social emotional competencies such as respecting differences. The experience of working with their friends and being away from home also develop responsibility and independence.

Primary 5 students form the target group for the Internationalisation Programme. The trips usually take place during the November school holidays and all trips are accompanied by SCGS Primary teachers. The countries which the Primary Division has visited in recent years are Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong and China.

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