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Core Academic Programmes

Rigorous and Relevant

The Core Academic Programme provides a strong foundation for the next academic milestone while the learning extensions infuse breadth and depth for students to pursue their passions and nurture their diverse talents.

We aim to shape all-round individuals, with the capacity to understand and appreciate the integrative nature of knowledge, and hone their expertise as practitioners and leaders in a chosen discipline.

Developed collaboratively by the three partner schools, the Year 1 to 4 academic programme is aligned with disciplinary clusters of Languages; Humanities & the Arts; as well as Mathematics & the Sciences.

This is to ensure a strong grounding in content, skills and rigour required to excel in the core subject disciplines offered within the same disciplinary clusters at JC1 and JC2.

Hence, all Year 1 and 2 students offer a general curriculum that enables them to explore various disciplinary fields and make an informed choice regarding the subject options to be offered at Years 3 and 4, and subsequently at JC1 and JC2 including the MOE Special Programmes offered by EJC.

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