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The learning of Mathematics involves understanding mathematical thinking and general problem solving strategies. It involves observing, representing and investigating patterns and relationships in social and physical phenomena. Present in our environment and playing an integral role in the study of other subjects, Mathematics is a versatile and essential discipline.

SCGS recognises Mathematics as not only an academic subject, but also an important vehicle through which the mind can be stretched, and creative reasoning skills can be honed. The SCGS Mathematics Programme will develop girls’ metacognition, as well as their appreciation for the beauty and depth of Mathematics. We believe in helping girls integrate and apply their mathematical skills and concepts to real world situations.


Our teachers have developed a variety of teaching methods and activities to teach number sense and logical thinking. Our approach to teaching is focused on developing process skills and concepts in solving problem sums. We use games to introduce strategic thinking and logical reasoning. Girls who demonstrate exceptional Mathematical ability and a strong interest in the subject will be trained to maximize their potential through the Mathematics Olympiad and E2K programmes.

We have carefully selected and designed enrichment modules to help girls learn Mathematics in real-world contexts. For example, an outdoor Mathematics trail provides opportunities to learn beyond the confines of the classroom. Modules such as ‘Puzzle Fun’, Logical Thinking and Chess develop creativity and critical thinking by introducing mathematics concepts beyond the syllabus in fun and interactive learning environments.

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