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The Primary Math Curriculum is a stage where students acquire important basic numeracy as well as develop logical reasoning and problem-solving skills that are required in many disciplines. It lays the foundation for the learning of mathematics for all students, equipping them with tools for everyday life and knowledge and skills for learning of Mathematics at the next level.

SCGS recognises Mathematics as not only an academic subject, but also an important vehicle through which the mind can be stretched, and creative reasoning skills can be honed. The programme will develop thinking, reasoning, communication, application, and metacognition skills through a mathematical approach to problem solving. We believe in helping the girls build confidence and foster interest in mathematics.


Our teachers have developed a variety of teaching methods and activities to help in the development of mathematical problem-solving competency. They may include straightforward and routine tasks that require selection and application of the appropriate concepts and skills, as well as complex and non-routine tasks that requires deeper insights, logical reasoning, and creative thinking. General problem-solving strategies, eg STAR approach to problem solving and the use of heuristics in our Meta-Math series, are important in helping the girls tackle non-routine tasks systematically and effectively.

Girls who demonstrate exceptional Mathematical ability and a strong interest in the subject will be trained to maximise their potential through the Mathematic Olympiad and E2K programme. An outdoor Mathematics trail provides opportunities to learn beyond the confines of the classroom in a fun and interactive environment.

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