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The word ‘Science’ comes from the Latin word ‘Scientia’ which means ‘knowledge’.  Science encompasses the organised body of empirical knowledge concerning the physical world as well as the attitudes and methods through which this body of knowledge is formed.

The SCGS Primary Science Programme has two main goals – First, to develop scientifically literate citizens who are able to stay current and relevant in the world they live in especially in a future characterised by rapid change, and second, to develop positive attitudes such as curiosity, wonder, integrity and perseverance.


At SCGS, the two goals guided the programme design which focuses mainly on inquiry-based lessons and conceptual understanding through big ideas. The hands-on activities infused in all topics facilitate not just the construction of knowledge, but also the rigour of the Scientific Inquiry Method. In each experiment, students also learnt social and self-management skills as they need to collaborate as a group.

To help students understand Science in a broader context, the curriculum includes learning journeys and broad-based modules such as Life Science Modules and lower Primary Science starter.  The teachers also leverage on technology and content-rich websites and portals to enrich the learning and to encourage self-directed learning.

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