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English Language


To lay a firm foundation of every child for the mastery of the English language so that each child can use it as the key to lifelong learning.


Every child, an empathetic and effective communicator.


Recognising the status of English language as a global lingua franca, our department aims to equip students with the necessary competencies that are essential for communicating in the real world. Through our core and enhanced curriculum, students will be empowered to think, write and speak confidently. They will also learn to appreciate the human condition and understand life in all its multifaceted dimensions.


Our department aims to help students become independent and critical thinkers, while gaining a global perspective, through our teaching of the English language. The study of current affairs is integrated into the curriculum – students will analyse news articles, reflect on the world around them, and learn to express their thoughts through journal writing and news reflections.

Recognising that stories are powerful communication tools to create meaning and connect people, a key feature in our programme is the use of stories to ignite the students’ passion for the English language. Through our school’s Applied Learning Programme, the Primary 1 and 2 students learn elements of storytelling through grasping complex aspects of vocal expressions. The Primary 3 students learn story concepts and perspective-taking in storytelling.

The Enhanced Literature Programme prepares students for the Language Arts Programme at Secondary 1. This programme seamlessly integrates social and cultural themes, philosophy and literary elements. For example, at Primary 5, students will learn the key elements of fiction through the study of ‘Holes’ by Louis Sachar and other short stories.

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