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English Language


SCGS believes in a holistic approach in the teaching of English Language and Literature. English Language competency is essential for communicating in the real world – it provides opportunities for personal development and promotes confidence in social interaction. Literature stimulates one’s sensitivity to how language can persuade and arouse emotions. Through Literature, girls will learn to appreciate the human condition and in the process, understand life in all its multifaceted dimensions. We also develop their appreciation for language, drama and the arts through our teaching of Literature. We aim to empower girls to think, write and speak confidently, and hence prepare them for meaningful roles in society.


The SCGS English programme places great emphasis on developing oratory, aural and drama skills. Our Speech and Drama lessons build the girls’ confidence in speaking and articulating their ideas. Through classroom activities such as choral recitation, Show and Tell, and the Readers’ Theatre, students will learn to be eloquent speakers of the English Language.

Our teaching style also hones critical thinking, reading, comprehension and creative writing skills. We believe in providing the girls with a global perspective through their study of the English Language. The study of current affairs is integrated into the curriculum – students will analyse news articles, reflect on the world around them, and learn to express their thoughts through journal-writing, blogging and news reflections.

The Enhanced Literature Programme prepares students for our Language Arts Programme at Secondary 1. This programme seamlessly integrates social and cultural themes, Philosophy and literary elements. For example, at Primary 5, the girls will explore the setting plot, character, point of view and theme through the study of ‘Holes’ and ‘Tuck Everlasting’ and other short stories. Literacy devices such as metaphors, alliteration, tone, symbolism and irony are studied through poetry and creative writing.

Our programme also features a multitude of enrichment modules designed to further enhance their study of English beyond the confines of the classroom.  Students may, for example, try their hand at news broadcasting and interview techniques through the Broadcast Journalism modules in Project Work which is an important platform for the acquisition of skills involving research, writing and oral presentations. The Future Problem Solving Scenario Writing module provides aspiring writers with a platform to showcase their creative-writing skills through the creation of a future scenario.

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