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SCGS, Your DSA Choice-School

Dear students, parents and guardians,

Welcome to the SCGS DSA webpage.  Thank you for your interest in SCGS as one of your DSA Choice-Schools.

This year’s DSA Exercise is taking place during unprecedented times. In lieu of our usual DSA Talk, we have curated a special online DSA Edition to share with you the many special moments  of the unique SCGS Experience. 

We hope that, through the words, photos and videos created by my colleagues and our young ladies whom we call kim geks, you will experience the extraordinary SCGS spirit, which is by no means less exuberant and enthusiastic, even during these unusual times.  

I invite you to learn more about the rich heritage of the school, as well as our distinctive SCGS curriculum for both the O Level and Integrated Programme tracks:

You can find out more about the Joint Integrated Programme here

The distinctive holistic education in SCGS aims to develop the potential of our kim geks through a diverse range of curricular and co-curricular programmes.  To provide a glimpse of how enriching a school year can be, we are releasing for the first time, extracts from the 2019 Yearbook for this special DSA Edition: 

At SCGS, we are proud of the vibrant school life that our kim geks enjoy.  2019 was made more special as it was also the 120th anniversary of the school history:

You can find out more about the DSA application procedures here, as well as enjoy the videos  prepared by our kim geks about their SCGS experience.

Please feel free to email us at if you have any queries. 

We hope that you will take time to get to know us, and consider making SCGS your DSA Choice-School.  


Yours sincerely

Mrs Eugenia Lim 


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