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Passion Pursuit

Passion to Pursue Hopes and Dreams

It’s the journey that counts, not the destination. Our students are able to experience the joy of pursuing their passion through various opportunities.  It is through passionate exploration that they find their purpose and meaning for life’s journey, and discover their enduring hopes and dreams.

Passion Pursuit provides avenues for high academic achievement, intellectual discovery, leadership excellence and extra-curricular exploration essential to lifelong learning.


SCGS provides an extensive range of activities that provides the breadth which spiral from short exploratory enrichment such as Art Electives and Sabbaticals to extended course of study in the SCGS Academies through Platforms for Exploration and Platforms for Pursuit.

Sitting at the pinnacle of the Passion Pursuit framework, the SCGS Academies comprise the Math and Science Academy, Liberal Arts Academy, Leadership Academy and Business Academy.

  • The Math and Science Academy addresses the intellectual spirit of those with brilliant aptitude and keen interest in the Sciences and Mathematics. The Academy provides a diversity of learning opportunities which includes Mentorship, Attachments and Advanced Elective Modules in related fields.
  • The Liberal Arts Academy promotes the pursuit of disciplines such as the humanities and social sciences, enabling students to perceive the interconnectedness of knowledge, challenge assumptions and navigate the world of shifting borders and complex challenges. Students get to hone their academic writing skills through workshops by practitioners.
  • The Leadership Academy is dedicated to nurturing women leaders of character and relevance, the cornerstone of the SCGS education. The Academy leverages on its vast network of former students from different fields to offer a myriad of leadership development opportunities including personal mentoring by accomplished leaders, where students are inspired to be world-ready leaders with empathy for the desire to serve.
  • The Business Academy inspires the spirit of innovation and enterprise by imparting core knowledge on business principles and innovation protocol. Students get to apply their business acumen and entrepreneurial skills for positive social impact. Students have opportunities to visit various enterprises and engage in dialogue with businessmen and entrepreneurs.

As part of the JIP Passion Pursuit’s journey of Diverge, Converge and Emerge, SCGS thus offers a broad spectrum of diverse areas for students to explore and nurture their interests under the Diverge phase of the broader six-year PP framework. As JIP students progress to EJC, they learn and discover more about their passion through the Converge and Emerge phases, driven by a zest for life and the aspiration to impact the community in positive and meaningful ways.

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