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Programme for Active Learning (PAL)

Philosophy of PAL

Our children should grow up to be confident persons, adept at working in teams and be able to communicate their thoughts and ideas effectively. They should be self-directed learners who view education as a life-long process. They should also be innovative and enterprising individuals, able to cope with ambiguity and adapt well to change. At the same time, Singapore needs citizens who are morally upright, have a strong sense of civic responsibility and who will contribute actively to society.

What is PAL?

Characteristics of PAL:

  • Experiential in nature
  • Encompass learning in a creative way
  • Provide opportunities for children to create
  • Incorporate values education and social & emotional learning
  • Provide enjoyment and fun

PAL Learning Outcomes

  • Exhibit confidence in what they do and express themselves effectively
  • Exhibit curiosity and positive attitudes to learn
  • Enjoy group experiences and teamwork

PAL Journey @ SCGS

All Primary 1 & 2 pupils will participate in 2 hours of PAL per week

4 Domains over 2 years:

  • Sports & Games
  • Outdoor Education
  • Performing Arts (Music / Dance / Drama)
  • Visual Arts

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