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The SCGS story is one of sincerity, courage, generosity and service. Our school is the result of the concerted efforts of a group of Peranakan Chinese gentlemen, who fought hard to bring education to Chinese girls. As courageous change makers, their generosity and service exemplified the grit of staying true to their vision. That vision made SCGS the first secular girls’ school in Singapore that is fully set up and managed by Singaporeans. (You can read more about the SCGS Milestones here.)

Ours is also a story of love, generously poured in by generations of educators, alumnae and parents who continue to work together as one big SCGS family, to shape our distinctive identity and develop our girls into capable women of character and relevance, ready for the future.

2019 is a special year as we celebrate our school’s journey at its 120th year, a milestone that we are honoured to be sharing with Singapore’s Bicentennial.

Weaving the SCGS Tapestry: 1899 to 2019

“A Tapestry of Jade & Gold: SCGS Celebrates 120” is therefore an expression of our gratitude, to the many threads that weave the SCGS Tapestry.  Our partners and stakeholders, contributing in complementary and contrasting colours, are essential to its beauty.  Just like the Peranakan tradition of embroidery, this Tapestry continues to evolve and infuse designs relevant to our times.

Threaded by strong family ties, the distinctive colours of Jade and Gold remain the core of the SCGS identity and the desired outcome of the SCGS education: the kim gek.  She is the pride and treasure of her family, who has the strength and inner beauty of jade, as well as the flexibility and purity of gold to adapt and thrive in life.

The logo also draws inspirations from the Peranakan architectural features of the Dunearn Road campus.  Shaped like a tapestry, the design weaves into a mosaic, our distinctive floor tiles and wooden frames of the balcony French windows in the classrooms. Even as there are familiar elements in the mosaic, new elements are infused, symbolising our responsiveness to changes.  Designed by our Secondary Art teacher and Year Head Two, she hopes that the logo will evoke fond school memories that connect the generations of SCGS girls.

The floral pattern harks back to Anderson’s quote, which we hope captures the SCGS Experience: “Just living is not enough…one must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower.” At the centre of it, the “120” celebrates not only the years that the school has journeyed, but also symbolises the 120 ways of giving back, an endeavour of gratitude to which we are committed, to pay it forward beyond our school community.

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