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Frequently Asked Questions




  1. How many students do you have in total and what is the enrolment number for Secondary One? 
  • We have a total of about 1,000 students in the four levels.
  • Enrolment for Secondary One each year is about 260 students and our Secondary One students come from more than 70 primary schools in Singapore.
  1. What is the class size?
  • The class size is usually up to 36 students in the O-Level classes and around 30 students in the IP classes.
  1. What are the indicative PSLE Score range for O-Level and IP Tracks? 
  • The indicative PSLE Score range for O-Level Track is 5 – 9 and IP Track is 4 – 8. 
  • The affiliation (SCGS Primary) indicative score range for O-Level Track is 8 – 17. There is no affiliation priority for IP Track. 
  • These scores are indicative and can vary from year to year depending on the pool of students who apply. 
  1. What if my daughter misses the school’s PSLE score range or is not posted here, can I appeal?
  • Appeals will be considered if students make the cut-off point of the school, and if there are vacancies. 
  • If you would like to appeal, please fill in the online appeal form here
  1. What are the school hours for students?
  • Morning assembly starts at 7.40am on regular school days. Curriculum lessons generally end by 2.10pm or 2.50pm. Co-curricular Activities (CCAs) take place on Tuesdays, Thursdays and/or Fridays after lessons.



  1. We understand that all SCGS students offer Literature in English. Can they drop the subject? 
  • It is the school’s policy that all students offer Literature as a subject all the way to Secondary 4. This is for several reasons.
    • Literature teaches universal values. It enhances students’ abilities to empathise with others, consider situations from others’ points of view and gain insights into the human condition. It also enhances their appreciation of the English Language. 
    • Feedback from our students in JCs shows that Literature has helped, particularly in General Paper and Economics.
    • Our past record shows that we can achieve good results for Literature. The overall pass rate is 100%. We also achieved about 75% distinctions in Literature.
  1. What are the Higher Mother Tongue Languages offered in SCGS? 
  • Higher Malay, Higher Tamil and Higher Chinese Languages are offered in-house.
  1. Can SCGS students offer the Chinese Special Programme (CSP) and Malay Special Programme (MSP)? 
  • Yes, but SCGS does not offer CSP and MSP on site. CSP and MSP are conducted at external venues and the management and assessment of these subjects follow an MOELC syllabus. 

Art/Music at Upper Secondary Levels

  1. Can SCGS students offer Art/Higher Art and Music/Higher Music as a subject at O-Levels?
  • Students from both the O-Level and IP Tracks can offer the two-year Art/Music or Higher Art/Higher Music as a subject at Upper Secondary levels. 
  • Students taking the two-year programme in SCGS may choose to take either the GCE O-Level Art/Music or GCE O-Level Higher Art/Higher Music (which is equivalent to a Humanities subject, for calculating L1R5), depending on their abilities. 
  • Thus, even though SCGS does not offer the four-year Art Elective Programme and Music Elective Programme, our students are able to offer Higher Art/Higher Music as a subject at O-Levels. 
  • IP students who wish to pursue these subjects in Upper Secondary have the option to offer the subjects at the GCE O Level examination. Most if not all students do choose to sit for it. 
  1. Does SCGS offer the Art Elective Programme (AEP) and Music Elective Programme (MEP)? 
  • Even though SCGS does not offer the four-year AEP and MEP in-house, SCGS students may apply to offer the AEP/MEP externally in an AEP/MEP school.
  • Lessons will be conducted once a week, in the afternoon. Students have to make their own way to the designated school to attend their lessons. 
  • Parents may wish to note that lessons are conducted at times stipulated by these centres. This may cause problems for your daughters’ selection of CCA as the dates and times may clash. Upper and Lower Secondary class times will also change.
  1. If my daughter gets accepted into the AEP/MEP at an external AEP/MEP centre, will her Independent school fees at SCGS be subsidised? 
  • Subsidy for school fees are eligible for AEP/MEP students who are enrolled in an AEP/MEP school with an independent status. Students enrolled in an external AEP/MEP centre are not eligible.

Co-Curricular Activities 

  1. How many CCAs does SCGS offer? 
  • SCGS offers 24 CCAs across the Sports, Uniformed Groups, Performing Arts and Clubs and Societies: 
Sports Uniformed Groups Performing Arts Clubs & Societies
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Gymnastics
  • Netball
  • Squash
  • Swimming (Artistic /Competitive Swimming)
  • Tennis
  • Girls’ Brigade
  • Girl Guides
  • National Cadet Corps
  • Red Cross
  • Band
  • Choir
  • Dance
  • CL Drama
  • EL Drama
  • Handbell Ensemble
  • String Ensemble
  • Art
  • Debate
  • Library
  • Infocomm
  • Science & Environment
You can find out more about our CCA achievements here.
  1. How many CCAs must my daughter take up? 
  • Normally, the girls pursue one Core CCA. There are also other enrichment programmes that your daughter may wish to be involved in.


14. What is the Integrated Programme (IP) and what are the advantages of my daughter taking the IP? 

  • The Integrated Programmes (IP) will provide an integrated secondary and JC education where secondary school students can proceed to JC without taking the GCE O-Level Examinations. Thus students in the IP who are likely university-bound can benefit from engaging in broader learning experiences during their Secondary and JC years. 
  • Students in the IP track will have more opportunities to discover their strengths and talents through a range of programmes that stretch students and provide greater breadth and depth in the academic and non-academic curriculum. 
  • The SCGS IP is offered in partnership with St Nicholas Girls’ School, Catholic High School and Eunoia Junior College and is known as the Joint Integrated Programme (JIP).  The mission is to develop Principled Leaders of Tomorrow.

You can find out more about our IP curriculum here.

  1. Where will the IP students move on to for their A-Levels? 
  • SCGS IP students move on to Eunoia JC for Years 5 and 6 and the first batch graduated from EJC in 2018. EJC offers the Bicultural Studies Programme, the Humanities Programme and the Music Elective Programme as part of its curriculum.
  1. If my daughter is unable to get a place in the IP Track in Secondary One, what are our options? 
  • Other than the normal appeal process, your daughter may apply to join the IP Track in Secondary Three. There will be a second entry point for Sec 3 students interested to pursue the SCGS IP.

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