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Nearer the Sky: Pieces of Jade & Gold II

“Nearer the Sky: Pieces of Jade & Gold II” is the companion sequel to the centenary volume of “Pieces of Jade & Gold”. While the first volume recounts the school’s founding history and development, “Nearer the Sky” focuses on our graduates, the legacy of the school’s 120 years of journey.

A wonderful collection of stories of our kim geks and SCGS educators, written in a lively style of storytelling, vividly illustrates how they continue to live out the school values of Sincerity, Courage, Generosity and Service as they pursued their passions and dreams.

The title is a nod towards the final phrase of our school song “Glad That I Live Am I” and carries our aspiration to nurture our kim geks to grow nearer the sky, to continue the legacy started by our founders of developing capable women of character and relevance.

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Updated on 31 Oct 2019

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