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In SCGS, we believe in the holistic development of a child. We nurture students of character and relevance through the provision of opportunities to inculcate values, skills and competencies in our students.


Our key programmes include CCE lessons, Values-In-Action (VIA), Service Learning (SL), Sexuality Education, National Education (NE) and Character First Programme (CF).

The CCE syllabus provides the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes to be taught explicitly during CCE lessons, FTGP and school-based CCE and CCE Guidance Module in Sexuality Education (SEd). CCE lessons are taught by MT teachers in their MT language.  Social and Emotional Competencies (SEL) are explicitly taught during FTGP lessons by both the Form teacher (FT) and Co-form Teachers (CFT).  In addition, FT and CFT bond with students through interaction activities within the period, Lessons on Cyberwellness (CW), Education and Career Guidance (ECG) and protection from abuse have been incorporated in the FTGP lessons.  Our unique School-based CCE also included empowering students to transfer their knowledge of our school values and presenting their learning to the entire school in different forms, such as skits. Sexuality Education lessons are conducted for Primary 5 and 6 students.

Though their involvement in VIA and SL, students develop skills and knowledge in communicating with the public, planning relevant and meaningful activities for the beneficiaries and developing empathy for others.  Our students also learn to understand situations from a wider perspective and play an active role in contributing to the society.

National Education focuses on the understanding of our roles as citizens of a country and the demonstration of a commitment in the total defence of Singapore.  Speakers are invited to share on issues of the world to raise students’ awareness of global issues and the need to make responsible decisions to contribute to Singapore’s well-being and security.

Character First Programme is conducted by our dedicated parent volunteers to our lower primary pupils.  This programme compliments our school’s belief that parents and parent volunteers play an important role in helping our young minds in term of character development.  Interesting craftwork and stories are usually used to make the lessons interesting and appealing to our lower primary students.

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